Gisela W

Thank you Dr. Sheth
What impressed me at first was the open friendliness and relaxed atmosphere of the sunlit dental clinic of Dr. Mala Sheth After her evaluation of my particular dental problem, she discussed in detail the choices of treatment and costs available to me. Her presentation was so clear and straight forward that it was easy to quickly make my decision. Mytrust in Dr. Sheth was validated. She is a dedicated professiona who shuns no effort to give the best treatment possible. Besides a functional set of new dentures, she gave me my smile back. Thank you Dr. Sheth. sincerely Gisela

Sammy B

Dj D

potential longterm dentist
Dr. Sheth is really awesome. I moved here from florida a year ago and had some trouble finding a good dentist here since I had an established dentist back home who was very trustworthy and didn’t try to sell me on anything. Well thank god for yelp..seriously. I went to Dr. Sheths office about a month ago for a teeth cleaning. Not only was her assistant very friendly but Dr. Sheth was really cool, down to earth and I knew I could trust her with my teeth. She took her time, chatted with me to calm my nerves, and even fixed a little chip in my front tooth for no extra charge. I paid $100 bucks for teeth cleaning (no insurance) but hey she did a great job, & didn’t try to sell me on anything. I’m a big believer in don’t fix it if it ain’t broke, and I think she is too. Keep up the great work Dr. Sheth, I will be back in 6 months!

John W

quality patient care
Best dentist ever, best dental services, caring dentist and staff. I enjoyed my visit to their dental office in the city of Torrance. Alpine Village.. The quality of the services was great. I got teeth cleaning, porcelain veneers, root canal. I highly recommend Alpine Village Dental Care for all your dental needs. FIVE STARS.

Jay J

unusual location, but a top dentist
I am so happy I found Dr. Sheth thanks to people reviewing on yelp! I have had some really bad experiences with dentists and this dentist is awesome! I recently had some bad work done and one of my partial crowns fell out Sat. night. Dr. Sheth got me in monday and fixed my tooth for a super great price. And she does cleanings herself. and she’s a nice lady. and her staff is really sweet. I highly recommend! the only con would be the unique location of the office. It is located inside Alpine Village in Torrance (German village) I never would have known about this place without other reviews.

Mark C

Dr. Sheth & Alpine VIllage Dental Care Saved my Teeth!
I have some very bad experience with Dentists in the past, either they try and sell me gimmicks or I overpay for small services. I had recently lost a few Crowns and needed one implant done. I am SO lucky to have been recommended to Dr. Sheth. I left my old, over-priced Dentist and made an appointment with Alpine Village right away! Dr Sheth is an efficient, friendly and excellent dentist – the whole experience was above my expectations. The staff was friendly, the service was great and my teeth/mouth feel better than ever! Thanks Alpine Village for a great Dental experience – I will be back for the rest of my Dental needs.

A Yellowbook User

smile transformation
I needed to change the old ugly crowns on my front teeth.
After visiting multiple dental offices for consultation, I decided to get the work done by Dr. Sheth. She replaced the crowns with metal free ones and reshaped the gums with the laser. My smile has been totally transformed, I could not believe my eyes. I am not afraid to smile wide any more. A total transformation!!

A Yellowbook User

full mouth reconstruction.
I never really do reviews but I really wanted to as I came out of the office feelng more confident and great! so heres my story I decided this new years to start taking care of my mouth and going to a dentist. lol I have gum disease perio….(i dont know the exact term lol) anyways I went to Dr. Sheth and she talked me through problems in my mouth and patiently explained to what to do as for treatments. I took some xrays my last visit and was explained the importance of oral hygiene (i had it coming) since then I have started flossing everyday. My next visit I am scheduled for a root canal. YIKES. but beauty is pain. Already though I feel as though my mouth is cleaner and more…under control. haha
you should definately check this dentist out. I heard they do cosmetic dental impants which is my last resort, but I’m happy its an option.

A Yellowbook User

nice experience
my kids and I look forward for appointment.

A Yellowbook User

i finally found a good dentist.
I have a lot of fear when it comes to oral procedures. I have delayed going to the dentist for many years as I thought I could just get away with it, sadly my teeth paid the price 🙁 I visited the office and was greeted by very friendly staff. I then met the doctor and she was really nice. I was happy to find out she was a USC trojan like me! I explained my fears and she heard me out completely. She took an x-ray of my mouth, and I was greeted with lovely cavities! She said I might have gingivitis but thats a different story. She told me what procedures needed to be done and gave me an estimate which was actually very accommodating. I decided to go with it, I had 3 appointments so far and I am so happy with the way my mouth and life has improved. I don’t have morning breath as much, my gums are less swollen, and I feel a lot more energetic for some reason. I have started flossing and starting new habits, an assistant actually showed me how to properly floss. Why am I not surprised I have been doing it wrong all these years. I am so excited to see more improvements within the next few visits. The great thing was my insurance covered a lot of the cost. Im ranting but anyway, Great Dentist
I highly recommend.

A Yellowbook User

Great Dentist!!!
I have been going to Dr. Sheth for 3 years and have no dental worries anymore. My teeth are now perfectly healthy and recently got them bleached. I have the hollywood smile now! Dr Sheth is great and not annoying like other dentists Ive visited. Im sticking with her.

Alpine Village Dental office is legit as can be! I checked it out from seeing great reviews on yelp and having a awful experience at my last dentist in LA (getting ripped off and making me really uncomfortable treating me worse then a dog). I was worried at first but then the dentist was so amazing, gentle, and informative. This place is the real deal. So clean, smells good, and has a great look. I watched entourage the whole time I was in the seat which was more than enjoyable while being away from work! These people really actually care about their customers. Best dentist experience I’ve ever had! They don’t rip you off and show you directly what they are going to do. I’ll go again for sure!

The reviews for Dr. Sheth really sums it up for you. Without any hesitation, I would personally love to go on and on about how lovely and professional Dr. Sheth is but, it seems like the work has already been done 🙂 All in all, she is an amazing dentist. I could not ask for a better Dentist.
2 thumbs WAY UP!!

Just went to see Dr. Sheth for annual teeth cleaning and checkup. Have been coming to see her for a few years now and every visit is exceptional. She is very professional and efficient. She does the cleanings herself they do not have any dental hygienists at the office. She is gentle but does an amazing job at making sure your teeth are clean and healthy. My 10 yr old son had a cavity and his tooth was hurting so Dr. Sheth filled his cavity for him. He said, “wow! that didn’t hurt a bit!”, he was so excited that he did not have to have the painful shot in the gum to numb the tooth. Dr. Sheth just numbs the actual tooth not the whole gum and surrounding area so there is NO PAIN! That makes a big difference for anyone who is afraid of shots, especially when they are in the mouth. Also, the prices are fair and not overpriced like so many dentists in LA. We don’t have dental insurance and I still opt to see Dr. Sheth and her staff because I know I will get the best care for my teeth without being overcharged for things that are not really necessary. The staff is always polite and professional. Just make your next appt. before you leave, simple. Love, love, love Dr. Sheth

Saw Dr. Sheth who was very energetic, professional, sweet, and very informative. Answered all my questions, as well as forewarned me of any possible problems I may have with my dental health and my pregnancy. Goes above and beyond. Practice is boutique, not stuffy. Very calming with wonderful customer service from the calls pre-appt, FREE parking, check-in (awesome online registration process), and cleaning with the dentist herself. Mini fridge and coffee provided in lobby. Cancel spots within 24 hrs or get a $45 penalty. Not long of a wait with plenty of sitting space. Seems like they’re a lot of young folks here.

very professional staff
greets you with a smile
chic, calming, welcoming decor
modern technology tucked away discretely
guided to the dreaded dentist chair
assistant hands me a cd case
“which dvd would you like to watch while you wait for Dr. Sheth?”
are you freaken serious?? :]
pops in the dvd, navigates to the play button
headphones in place, relaxing in semi-fowler’s position.

Dr. Sheth introduces herself with the biggest smile & firm handshake
*pauses dvd* explains all the procedures
*resumes dvd* does most of the procedures herself
*pauses dvd* explains everything in layman’s term
*resumes dvd* proceeds and finishes with a smile.

i’ve had teeth cleanings that ended
with a decent amt of blood-soaked gauzes
or water splash all over
and drool unattractively hanging all over my chin
but she’s so gentle yet thorough & efficient.
helpful to accommodate my erratic work schedule, with appointment scheduling.

Let me just say right off the bat: BEST DENTAL OFFICE EVER!!

Here’s why:
It really doesn’t get any better than Alpine Village Dental practice. I don’t think there are enough words to explain how fantastic Dr. Shethand her staff are. I’m so glad she decided to become a dentist, her dental practice should be a model for all aspiring dentists out there. Here I’ve always received the best, most thorough services of any dentist I’ve been to and had things explained to me in terms I could understand. The cleanings and x-rays alone are worth the trip, just amazing! Great part is how gentle any procedure is, you don’t feel like they’re repeatedly jamming their fingers and instruments in your mouth like other dentists. All of the technology used looks like the newest state-of-the-art dental technology out there, pretty cool.

I love being able to watch an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond with headphones and laugh while sitting in the dentist chair of all places. Check-in is always easy and I don’t wait long. You’re made to feel welcomed by the staff and they’re always smiling and sympathetic to your fear of being there. And the rooms feel private but not claustrophobic, I must say actually great lighting too.

I was told I don’t need to remove my wisdom teeth even though I was worried about keeping them. She even showed me with the x-ray how my nerves were too close and she was worried about damaging them by unnecessarily removing the wisdom teeth, and that we’d just monitor the teeth. So far 3 years later and still have my wisdom teeth and happy.

Everyone is so kind, professional and caring. The office esthetics are gorgeous and modern. Everything with insurance was taken care of and I never got any surprises in the mail. I love the engraved free toothbrushes! More than anything, you can tell this place actually cares about dentistry and strives to be the best, I appreciate that kind of thing in a business. So stop stressing it, you’re in great hands there. Just make the appointment and never hate going to the dentist again.

best dentist i have ever been to. i hope i never have to change dentists ever again. a lot of the other reviews have covered it, but seriously, this place is the best. the experience is professional, comfortable, friendly, and relaxed. everything from the physical environment, setup, and equipment, to the welcoming friendliness of the staff and assistants, to the informative knowledge of the actual dentists, is honestly delightful. i never would have thought i would use that adjective for a dentist, but there’s no other way to put it. i’ve never had a doctor take so much time and care to show me what they were doing as they were doing it (i.e taking xrays and letting me see each film), and to explain the prognosis and treatment so thoroughly–the dentist showed me each of my xrays and explained how to read each image, what was normal, and what was a warning sign. i AND you get to sit back and comfortably watch a movie or tv show of your choosing while they work on your mouth, thus somehow turning an uncomfortable/unpleasant experience into one that i really don’t mind in the slightest. they are so nice, so professional, and so lovely. if you need a dentist, go here.

I’m going to try to be as helpful as possible to some one that is looking for a good dentist. I’m not going to just tell you that they were great, which they were!
I’m going to break it down just a little more than that.
The two times I have been there I didn’t have to wait more that 5 minutes in the waiting room to be taken in. I also didn’t have to wait once they sat me down.
The X-rays were not as painful as they normally are because they use some special device that doesn’t dig into your gums. I would go to this place just for that!!!
It gets better. The dentist Malah (I think that’s her last name) She was super nice and professional. She gave me a tour of my mouth with a special camera she has that goes inside your mouth ( Obviously ). That was really great because I was able to get a visual on everything she was talking about. On that same screen she used to show me the inside of my mouth, she was also used for me to it to watch Modern Family episodes. I’m telling you this place is great!

Now for the most impotent reason I would recommend this place.My dentist found a problem a dentist I got an exam from a week earlier didn’t see. Malah was able to show it to me with the camera, so I know that it was for real. Unlike the other dentist that I got an exam from a week earlier from another place. That dentist wanted me to spend a whole lot of money on stuff Malah said I didn’t need.
In this jaded city that we live in, it’s hard to find business that are not just trying to take you money.
Next time my teeth are bothering me even a little, I am not going to wait my usual 7 month before I go check them out. I’m going straight to Dr. Malah

Like the previous reviewer, I see Dr. Sheth, and I LOVE her. When I moved to LA, I asked around to see if any friends had a dentist they liked and was worried to hear everyone tell me to avoid Los Angeles dentists because they were just out for money. “You should really go to the dentist when you’re back home” was the refrain I heard over and over again. But, positive reviews on Yelp sent me to Alpine Village Dental, and my great experience with Dr. Sheth has kept me going back.

The office is gorgeous, and everyone is concerned with your teeth and wants to make sure you understand everything they are doing. I love that they take the time to go over your x-ray results in detail with you; I never feel like I’m being talked down to here.

I had a filling go bad, and Dr. Sheth told me I might need a root canal (eek!). But, she said she was aiming for the least invasive procedure possible, and would evaluate what needed to be done once she could see how deep the cavity was. She lived up to her word, and was able to do a filling without needing a root canal. She personally followed up with me the day after the procedure, and I’ve been feeling great since. When I came back for a routine cleaning, she remembered me and commented on my hair being longer, something I’m sure is not noted in my chart 🙂 It was great to get such personal attention!

I would recommend this office to anyone. It seems like everyone in the practice is high quality, so don’t stress.

I don’t hate dentist, in fact I think they are great people that must really love what they do cause… I’d certainly get tired of staring people’s teeth all day, I just hate how I nervous I feel when I go. Bad childhood experience(s)? Probably why I always put off visits… for years… =p However, my filling fell out as I was enjoying my evening meal about a week ago and that impetus was enough to have me cease my procrastination.

The assistant, Laura, sat me down, asked if I had anything specific, I explained my filling, wisdom tooth, etc… and we hopped onto an X-ray in jiffy. Love the digital imaging, I could see the results immediate on the monitor in front of me and as the assistant got Dr. Sheth stared at the X-ray analyzing. When Dr. Sheth came in she went through and explained EVERYTHING on the screen, what I was looking at, what’s good, what’s bad, what my options were, etc… I was soaking everything up. Given that I have four master degrees, I clearly love learning and I TOTALLY appreciated every drop Dr. Sheth was telling me. You can look things up all you want online, but having someone giving you a straight answer is like sitting down after a day of standing.

After informing me of everything she was going to do she proceeded to prep everything and offered me pick something to watch during the procedure. I opted to forgo her generous offer as I personally like to be aware of everything that’s going on. There was a need to administer local anesthesia to numb the area (Doctor Sheth said I’d like her better than way, haahaa ^_^). As we waited for the effect to settle in she was quite friendly. A delight to talk to, nothing like my previous dentists, kudos. The procedure took less time than I thought and my teeth felt much better afterwards, yay! Afterwards doctor showed me before and after pictures and explained what she did, again, greatly appreciated! I rinsed out and Mala Sheth walked me to the front saying that she would call the next day to check up on me. So I waited to write this review til today.

I got a call at about 1:30 PM from Doctor Sheth (not an assistant but *her*) asking how everything was and if I had any questions, etc… I didn’t have any questions related to my teeth, but I was curious as to how she had *actually* had time to call. Was tempted to ask, there was a pause before I responded but I didn’t think it would be proper to ask so I passed.

I came to LA in 1998 for college and I never went to see a dentist until 2009 in Taiwan (and that was with a relative). 2011 is the first time in my 13 years in LA that I saw a LA dentist. Yes, that is how much I hate how I feel when I’m at a dentist. HOWEVER, now with this experience with Dr. Mala Sheth I’ll be back within six months for my regular cleaning and not procrastinate about it ^_^ The only thing I’d like more is to able to ask a ton more dental questions for my own edification, I suppose they can wait since none are immediately relevant =p

If you’re still reading this review and haven’t decided to book an appointment here yet then what the heck are you waiting for? o_O

A friend of mine told me to go to her after I was in the quest to find a dentist in LA because a lot of them are shady.

Dr. Sheth is by far the best dentist in town that I’ve encountered. And I’m not exaggerating this statement. One thing I LOVE about her and her staff is that they’re all HONEST! You can trust them, and they won’t do unnecessary things to your teeth just to make an extra buck.

Scheduling an appointment was easy as 1-2-3, and the friendly staff is always willing to work with you.She also currently with technology in her procedures i.e. digital imaging x-rays. You can also watch DVD’s/TV shows while they work on you.

If you need a dentist in the South Bay area, you NEED to go to her. And this is an unbiased review. Look at all her other 88 positive reviews. And I am NOT related to her at all.
I also inquired about invisalign and she told I had two options, and she felt that the cheaper option would best suit me. That in itself speaks a lot. It’s hard to come by honest health care professionals who genuinely love her profession. This also goes for everyone of her staff members.

Wow!!! Talk about first class service. Alpine Village Dental has the best doctors and Dr. Sheth has the most gentle hands I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. She was so easy to talk to and very down to earth. I will be coming back soon.

Absolutely the BEST dentist I’ve ever had. I’ve been with Dr. Sheth’s office for only about a year or so now and I’ve always enjoyed the experience every time I had an appointment. Not only is their office super clean and modern, they also have really high tech equipment, at least more high tech than my other previous dentists. But honestly, I’ve always had a pleasant experience at Alpine Village Dental office: the complimentary drinks (juice, water, coffee), the extensive choice of magazines to skim through, and the choice to listen to music or watch a movie while my teeth is getting checked out. And the fact that Dr. Sheth actually takes time to explain what’s going on with my teeth, (something my previous dentists almost NEVER did) is something I really appreciate.

After getting fed up with my dentist’s old equipment, questionable advice, and overpriced estimates, I decided to start asking around for alternatives. Walking in for the first time was like a huge breath of fresh air — not only is everything in the waiting area clean, new, and up to date, once taken to the back the high standards are even raised a notch. I kicked myself for sticking with the unsatisfying visits of my previous dentist (I shouldn’t have to ask my new dentist to *please* take x-rays when I know I haven’t had them taken in a couple years. And then why oh why did I stick with that office when they still use literal films to take x-rays a la 1985, attempt conversations with you while you’ve got 4 instruments in your mouth because they don’t have TVs, and then ask for exorbitant rates for uncovered treatments!? Just no.) Dr. Sheth’s office has state-of -the-art equipment, they offer you DVDs to watch while you are getting a cleaning so you don’t have to sit through a one-way conversation, they show you immediately and exactly what they are looking at on your digital x-rays so you know they aren’t scamming you, and they addressed my concerns adequately, aka with actual medical reasoning, rather than a shrug and a “it’ll probably go away.” And their estimate for my night guard was a full $100 less than that other guy’s, and I now have a pain-free jaw again. It’s hard to argue with that.
To top all of this off, Dr. Sheth went to UCLA for her extended dental courses. I can’t recommend this office highly enough.

This practice is gorgeous! New office, new chairs, lots of sunlight, very open and spacious area. Each pod is outfitted with a screen where you can watch DVDs and/or be shown your cavities (yay). I have seen Dr. Mala Sheth once, and she was perfectly nice. Very kind, gentle, humble – she takes the time to explain things. I feel 100% comfortable with her. I will go back to her for all my problems (to her dismay perhaps, I have awful teeth!). I have Delta Dental, and they cover lots of my bills. Basic cleaning is totally covered!

my dental grind guard actually reduces my snoring!!!
woo hoo!
my relationship has been saved!!! 😉
thanks Dr. Sheth

I usually like to dissent with the majority when I see so many positive reviews, so I went into Alpine Village Dental office with an extra critical eye. However, from my first visit, I was very impressed. The dentist Mala Sheth s fantastic! Her warm personality makes you feel right at home in “the chair”. If someone dislikes Dr. Sheth, they are crazy and I will punch them in the face… hopefully dislodging some teeth… so that they have to go back to Dr. Sheth and give her a second chance.

The rest of the staff is very professional. Maybe a little quiet and shy… but you’re there to get your teeth cleaned… not to attend a punch social. Just make sure you ask them for a Sugar Free Dental Lollipop after your cleaning. They taste like some peculiar mixture of sweet herbs, but after a few minutes you find yourself enjoying the taste. One additional note… Don’t expect to get the cheapest price. You can definitely get excellent dental care at a more affordable price. However, if you are the type of person that enjoys a little nicer service and doesn’t mind paying more, this will be perfect for you.

had a cleaning appointment with Dr. Sheth and I was really pleased with the cleaning, atmosphere, and friendly staff. I must say that Dr. Sheth has been the best dentist I’ve been to. She explained everything about my x-rays and the state of my teeth. She answered all my questions and was friendly throughout the visit. I also got to watch scrubs while I got my cleaning, which was a little difficult considering that if I laughed, I might have gotten a drill in the gums.

I found out about this dental office from Facebook lol! but waited a year or so until I actually made an appointment. In the time since, perhaps a half-dozen of my friends have gone and milked the referral gifts. Ha.
In the year-and-a-half since my unpleasant dealings with Dr. Lopez’s office in Culver City, I decided to finally pay Dr. Sheth’s office (torrance) a visit. I made the appointment on a Monday and was seen on Wednesday. The office is very brightly lit and has a welcoming atmosphere. I arrived with perhaps 5 minutes to spare before my 10 am appointment. In this time, I managed to fill out some information on a computer and help myself to a complimentary bottle of water.

The hygienist who led me to the room where I’d be examined was very friendly and personable, I regret that I cannot remember her name. She took some x-rays, all the while keeping up the banter. I got to pick out a DVD to watch during the visit (I picked 30 Rock — it was awesome) and settled into the chair. Dr. Sheth entered the room a little while later. We talked briefly about my dental history and then she did something novel.
She showed me the x-rays, then she took some digital photographs of my mouth and then, this is the key part, WE WENT OVER THEM TOGETHER. This might not seem like a big deal, but it reached the gold-standard of doctor-patient interaction. She explained things that I didn’t understand and walked me through what all of the images meant and how the exam/cleaning would deal with whatever issues were apparent.

I was given an overall clean bill of oral health (need to work on flossing…) and left to enjoy 30 Rock for a good 20+ minutes. I was permitted to keep watching during the visit. This was a surprisingly pleasant experience. After Dr. Sheth finished the cleaning, I wasn’t in any appreciable amount of discomfort. The assistant took care of the polishing etc. while I began (but did not finish) a third episode of the show.

The billing was painless — and the staff in the front office was very friendly. I was given a bag with a new toothbrush, floss, and Colgate Total toothpaste that I carried with me for the rest of the day.
This dental office is really something else. Everyone is courteous and welcoming, the actual space is accessible and non-threatening, and the service is excellent. While it may not make me wish that dental visits occurred more frequently, I can say that my next appointment will definitely be at this office.

I was thoroughly impressed by Dr. Sheth, her staff, and their office this morning when I went in as a new patient for a checkup and cleaning. I had an appointment and was seen promptly after checking in. The environment was clean, calming, and up-to-date with technology. Everyone there was sweet and professional. Dr. Sheth patiently took her time to carefully review my x-rays with me, which were viewable on a computer screen as they were being taken. She also used an instrument to show me a video of all of my teeth, which is something I had never been able to experience at any other dentist’s office before. I comfortably had my teeth cleaned and polished with no pain whatsoever as I held back my laughter from watching Friends on the screen. Time passed by so quickly, and I left the office with a huge smile.. I will definitely be referring my friends and family to Dr. Sheth. Dr. Sheth sent me a hand-written card after my visit, which I found to be quite thoughtful and sweet. 🙂

I might have just found my new dentist for life. Finding a good specialist in anything is like finding a good boyfriend, you gotta go through all the pain of experiencing the bad ones before you find a good one.
It’s true what they say, Dr. Sheth is great! She is so nice and sweet, actually makes me feel like she cares about me and not just my wallet *tears*. It’s so refreshing when a dentist actually says no you don’t need to do something and “we don’t need to do anything to that right now but we’ll keep an eye on it”, etc. Her prices are very reasonable and I didn’t get a heart attack when I got the quotes/bills.
Her office assistant Elvira is also really sweet and tries to accommodate you with scheduling. I like that her office is geared to utilize technology as opposed to the dentists of the dark ages.
Dr. Sheth is super popular though so good luck making an appointment with her. =)

Yay, another cavity free visit to my favorite dentist!
I can’t stop raving about how awesome she is. And this is coming from someone who avoided going to the dentist like the plague.
Dr Sheth is super cool, nice and knowledgeable. She cleaned my teeth with no pain, while my daughter sat next to me watching “The Simpsons”. A child friendly office? I like!
After my cleaning, she gave me free toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. Good stuff.
I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a good dentist. She’ll make your visit fly by painlessly.

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