Post-Op Instructions

Torrance and Carson residents who see dentists for specialty care need to know the proper follow-up procedures. Whether you see a cosmetic dentist or implant dentists, once you leave the chair it’s now in your hands to achieve the best results.

Bone Grafting

Avoid excessive rinsing and don’t spit for at least four days. Try not to touch the impacted area and don’t look at the sutures if at all possible. The site needs time to clot, and unnecessarily touching it can lead to complications.

Crowns and Bridges

Most people have temporary crowns or bridges before the permanent one is placed. However, for both temporary and permanent solutions, it’s important to avoid excessive chewing, sticky or hard foods for a few days. A saltwater rinse can help with the pain, and it’s important to begin brushing and flossing your permanent crowns or bridge right away.

Deep Cleaning

Don’t floss for 10 days or brush for 12 hours if an antibiotic is used during this procedure.


Getting used to dentures takes practice—don’t be shy about trying. Practice speaking and eating. If dentures are removable, it’s crucial that you leave them out for at least eight hours per day.


The biggest issue with extractions is unclogging the clot. Be gentle, don’t exercise for 24 hours and follow the care your dentist recommends.


Be careful when first chewing, since you’ll be numb. Otherwise, a simple OTC painkiller may be used.

Root Canals

Similar to fillings, practice caution when chewing and consider a painkiller for the first few days.

Tooth Whitening

Avoid foods with dark colors for at least a week. A whitening toothpaste and home bleach kit can prolong the effects of whitening.


Veneers are just like your real teeth and require brushings, flossing and checkups.


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