Alpine Dental maintains the highest standards of dental care and caters to the dental needs of patients who visit us from different parts of Torrance, South Bay and other neighboring Los Angeles cities. We strive to make your visit with us pleasant, enjoyable and highly satisfactory. To meet the unique needs of our patients, we offer a full scope of services, including porcelain veneers, dental bonding, whitening dentistry and dental implants. We are proud to serve Torrance, Carson, and the surrounding California communities with impeccable service since 1982.

Dr. Mala Sheth has been helping patients receive quality dental care since 1982. She has been one of the primiere providers of cosmetic dentistry, crafting some of the most widely recognized celebrity smiles. She is widely-recognized for her ability to provide fine details in the art of crafting smiles. Being at the top of her field as one of the most well-known prominent cosmetic dentists in the greater Los Angeles area, her commitment to offer quality care has been appreciated by the dental community and she has been cited in the media on numerous television interviews due to her extensive knowledge and innovations in the field of dentistry.

In fact, Dr. Sheth has been responsible for many of the smile transformations you see on television using well known smile makeover procedures such as Zoom Teeth Whitening treatments as seen on Extreme Makeover and ABC’s The Swan.

Training with several of the world’s most prominent cosmetic dental professionals has given her the extensive experience and knowledge needed to create stunning youthful healthy smiles. Individuals who want to look and feel younger trust Dr. Sheth to improve the contours, alignment, symmetry, aesthetic, and color of their teeth to boost their overall external appearance as well as oral health. In addition, she promotes, educates and reinforces healthy oral habits in her patients which prevents further problems.

We believe most health problems start from the mouth which is the main entry way in the human body. Maintaining pristine Oral health can prevent many other health problems and is one of the main and important preventive measures to be healthy.

Our Specialties

Dr. Sheth and her entire team of dental professionals and surgeons share her commitment to excellence in the cosmetic dentistry field and our positive patient reviews speak volumes.