We often come across questions related to pain caused from Invisalign aligners. Is the treatment painful? Do the aligners cause discomfort? How can a person clean aligners? These are some of the common questions we come across from our patients. This blog post gives you a rough idea on how it will be to live with Invisalign aligners. Our dental office has treated many patients in and around the city of Torrance, CA with Invisalign systems to create wonderful smiles. The technology has been one of the most appreciated and the treatment is mostly enjoyed by our patients. Although the aligners may initially cause some discomfort because of application of pressure on the teeth, the overall experience is largely painless and causes minimal discomfort.

Cleaning the teeth and the Invisalign System
Invisalign aligners are made of smooth plastic material and they should be worn for at least 22 hours of a day. Patients can remove the aligners when they are having food and when they are cleaning their teeth. It is important that patients brush and floss after every meal because remains of food particles on the teeth surface or in between teeth can cause hygiene problems. On the otherhand, the aligners can be cleaned by brushing them in luke warm water. Invisalign crystals and special cleaning tablets are also available which can help patients clean the aligners.

Things to avoid when living with Invisalign systems
The major advantage of Invisalign orthodontic treatment is that the treatment does not come in the way of patients when it comes to having their favorite food. Patients can remove their aligners and have their favorite meal. Chewing gums should be avoided while wearing Invisalign aligners because the gum can stick to the aligner which may make it difficult to clean them.

Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible which is why they are preferred over normal braces. Smoking is another practice which patients should stay away from when going through Invisalign treatment. The carbon particles from smoke can cause discoloring of aligners which makes the smile unsightly. Proper care of teeth and avoiding the practices mentioned above allows patients to achieve wonderfully straight and well-aligned teeth without disturbing their regular lifestyle.