Implant Dentistry in Torrance California


A missing tooth can affect the beauty of the smile and hinder a person’s ability to bite and chew food. It also brings down your confidence level. If you are worried about replacing your lost tooth, implant dentistry is probably the best thing you hear as a solution for the problem. Besides restoring ones teeth, implant dentistry also improves the esthetics by creating a healthy smile. Alpine Village Dental located in the city of Torrance in California has successfully treated many patients through implant dentistry and improved their oral health.

Need for implant dentistry?

Lost tooth can give rise to many problems with oral health. The gap in the dentition can reduce chewing efficiency and increase food lodgment. This can lead to periodontal problems and formation of cavities. Implant dentistry is considered to be one of the advanced treatment options because of its advantages over other prosthodontic treatments. The implanted tooth replaces lost tooth root and the natural crown wonderfully and functions just as good as the lost natural tooth.

Dental implant surgery is one of the surgical procedures which is conducted by professional dental surgeons. It is implanting of titanium screws or posts into the jaw bone. The implanted metal piece integrates with the bone finely. Your dentist will initially examine if you have sufficient space and bone in the area of the lost tooth. Under normal circumstances, it takes about four to six months for the implant to get fused with the bone. Once the implant is fused with the bone, an abutment is fixed over the implant. Going further, our dentist uses cement or screws to fix dental crown over the abutment.

Implanted tooth is strongly rooted to the jawbone and is durable. The success rate of implant dentistry treatment is almost 98% and is considered to be one of the safe treatments for lost tooth in recent times. They are far better dental options when compared to bridges and dentures. Alpine Village Dental has many solutions for your missing teeth. Our dental office situated at Torrance in the state of California provides one of the best and safe treatments in implant dentistry. Our dentist is highly skilled and trained to perform implant dentistry treatment in Torrance, California. If you are planning to undergo dental implant surgery in your city, then visit Alpine Village Dental where you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Mala Sheth who is available for consultation during working hours at our dental practice.


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